The Fault In Our Stars inspired bracelets

Well if this isn’t one of the most tender things I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is.

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LOVE this

Love the video.

Love the song.

Love the message.

Love the people behind it. 

Love. Love. Love.

All you need is love.

That’s a good song too.


Even at your worst, you are incredible: My Trip to Canada (and why I'm not the same person I was a week ago)


I’ve had a ton of people ask me about my trip to Canada. So much happened over such a short time that it would be impossible for me to write about everything, but I thought I’d share some of it with you.

A few months ago, a teacher at an elementary school wrote to me to
tell me that my song “We…

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Why I moved to New York …


"Its a shame that You will never hear on the radio talented bands that actually play music for the love of it"

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This past Thursday a good friend and I were sitting in the car talking after a long day of shopping. We were having one of those great conversations about life when all of the sudden we both stopped.  The Boxer had come on the radio and who did we hear singing? Mumford and Sons with Jerry Douglas. Stop what you are doing right now and listen to it!! So good …

It was one of those moments in life where all of the sudden I was very grateful I didn’t hear my alarm go off and that the annoying ladies at IKEA took forever testing out the couch we were waiting to sit on. :)


Friends! Family! Random strangers who happen to read this! I have something VERY important to talk you about, so get ready … 

These are two of my favorite individuals on the planet:

This is what they do:

And this is what they sound like.

So good, right?!

Their names are Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino and they are seriously two of the most amazing and talented people I have ever met. As we speak they are in the process of recording some of their new material for an EP that will be out later this year and GUESS WHAT?! We can all be a part of making that happen! 

You can go over to Kickstarter to find out more about them, what they’re doing, and the rewards* they’re offering in return for your support. (Just as a heads up, when you watch the video you may find yourself wanting to want to sign over your bank account in support of their project. That’s great and if anyone understands those feelings it’s me, but just keep in mind that you still need to eat, keep a roof over your head, etc. Got it? Good. Now you can watch … ).

Please and thank you!! 

*Note that the estimated delivery date for the music is next month! That means, you back the project today (or within the next 9 days) and sometime in September you could have the music you helped make on your ipod. That is a super fast turn around as far as Kickstarter projects go … ;)

P.S. Aren’t those the coolest t-shirts you’ve ever seen?!


It’s official, Sigur Ros has perfected sound. If you don’t believe me, wait 11 days and see for yourself.


Wouldn’t you know, on this, the last day of Music Diary 2012, I heard a whopping 5 songs. True story! In fact, had I not gone to church I probably wouldn’t have heard any music. I’ll give you the list and then my take on this past week …

——- Overheard sung by another congregation while I was in the kitchen, behind the chapel, sorting out/assigning 100+ pairs of baseball tickets for an activity tonight. Go Nats! ——-

Onward Christian Soldiers (I think. It was something one would sing with a fair amount of conviction and that song was in my head later in the day, so I’m fairly certain that was it)

——- Sang in my congregation a few hours later. ——-

Come Unto Jesus

Father in Heaven, We Do Believe

Lead, Kindly Light

Lord, Accept into Thy Kingdom

Normally there would’ve been two more songs added to the list from another class at church but I was still figuring out the ticket situation during that time. Let’s be honest, I could’ve finished before then but I was chatting with a friend and sometimes that’s just how it goes. 

——- Thoughts ——-

I’ve really enjoyed keeping track of my daily music choices and I think this past week has been an incredibly accurate look at the way I listen to music. I feel like what I listened to was basically what I would’ve listened to whether or not I was going to post it on the internet or not. Perhaps yesterday I would’ve gone the shuffle route but who knows. No matter the source, the music comes through the speakers and is awesome. 

I’ve also enjoyed using this blog for what I intended to use it for: talking about music. Sometimes I feel like all I do on social media is talk about music, which is cool, but probably gets old for some. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve lost a friend or two over at the FB because of the amount I post about music. But I tell you what - how many people out there are kicking themselves for not listening to Joshua Radin six years ago? Can’t blame that one on me folks! ;) Point is, now that I’ve had a little jump start with this I’d like to keep it rolling, so stay tuned!!


Today was a fantastic day. In fact, one might even call it a perfect day. Yes it was filled with great music, but more importantly two of my favorite people on the planet tied the knot!! I knew it was going to be a busy day with lots to do, so I tried to keep keeping track of my music listening simple. 

——- Getting ready (pre-bridesmaid get together) ——-

Nothing Ever Happens - Rachel Platten

Made Up Of - Barnaby Bright

Highway Home - Chris Ayer

Wishing Well - The Airborne Toxic Event

Same Changes - The Weepies

Somebody - Jukebox The Ghost

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